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Note: I only make one-of-a-kind items. No two pieces are identical. I can custom make a piece for you from a drawing, a book, or a variation of a piece on my site. I may be reached via email at

1690s English Officer's Carbine

English Officer's Carbine


1730s French Fowler

French fowler


1710 Club Butt Fowler

Please visit the Club Butt Fowler page for lots of information about this gun including:
  • Photo gallery with zoomable images
  • History of the Club Butt Fowler
  • Why I chose to build this gun
  • The gun specifications
  • About my work and myself as an artist

Please contact me for a custom request.

1733 Royal Artillary Carbine
Royal Artillary Carbine

1733 First Model Brown Bess Royal Artillary Carbine:
  • A 42" 75 caliber round barrel with a baluster band at the breech
  • Lock has been reshaped to represent a First Model Brown Bess lock and engraved Jordan 1733; the letter J was represented as the letter I in the 18th century so the lock actually reads "Iordan 1733"
  • Stock is made from walnut and has been "Indianized" with six inlaid silver ring broach halves
  • Also adorning the stock are a series of relief carved scallops on the wrist where it meets the comb; each scallop has an inlaid white trade bead
  • Additional decoration includes eight carved and red painted figures representing captives taken and kills made by the gun
  • All hardware is made from brass and is correct for a First Model Brown Bess
  • Stained dark and rubbed back to resemble wear patterns
  • Gun lightly aged with scratches, dings, and cuts

Please contact me for a custom request.

New England Fowler
New England Fowler

Smooth Bore New England Fowler
A completely hand-made 1750's Style New England Fowler:
  • A 54" hand-turned round barrel, 59 caliber
  • Cherry stock, hand-formed and inletted
  • Handmade Baroque dragon side plate of brass
  • A reworked "Chambers Colonial Virginia" lock to resemble an early banana shaped Dutch style lock
  • Spear-pointed brass trigger guard engraved with a Dutch tulip motif
  • Hand-hammered butt plate from brass in fancy decorative form and complementary engraving
  • Floral tang carving with engraved sterling silver wrist escutcheon bordered with scrolled silver wire
  • Other handmade features include ramrod, brass ramrod pipes, silver blade front site and scrolled trigger
  • Stained dark and rubbed back to resemble wear

Please contact me for a custom request.

1723 Prussian Officer's Carbine
Prussian Officer's Carbine

Prussian Officer's Carbine
Prussian Officer's Carbine Prussian Officer's Carbine
A hand-made replica of an original 1723 Prussian Officer's Carbine
  • American black walnut stock, hand carved and inletted
  • Hand-turned 59 caliber barrel aged to resemble a Spanish damascus twist finished off with a brass blade front site
  • Re-worked a "Chambers Early Ketland" lock and banana-shaped it to replicate a Prussian lock
  • Butt plate, side plate, wrist escutcheon and trigger guard all custom made
  • Gun is finished with traditional stain and lightly aged
  • Early woven sholder strap aged to resemble centuries of use
This gun is currently not for sale as it's my own personal gun. However, you may contact me to make a similar piece.

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